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When it was originally conceived, Usenet was a way for college students to collaborate, discuss, and share ideas. Since then it has grown to encompass the globe with thousands of servers and hundreds of thousands of newsgroups. Newsgroups are groups of people discussing particular subjects or themes, and the topics could be about virtually anything you can think of. When a post is made by a member of a newsgroup, called an article, that article is propagated among every Usenet server so the entire network can see it.


In essence, Usenet closely resembles the discussion forums of today, with the Newsgroups being the “categories.” But there are two types of newsgroups. Text and binary newsgroups. Text newsgroups are mainly discussions and will be mostly test based articles, and binary newsgroups will have larger posts, pics, music, video, and such. Most binary articles will consist of a large number of posts that must be reassembled after being downloaded for viewing. At one time this was a tedious task, but today the complicated processes have been automated and the learning curve is much easier to take.

movie musicWhat Can Be Found On Usenet

The topics abound. Whether it’s discussions you are looking for, or something a little more entertaining, like music and videos, you’ll be able to find it. If it’s a binary file you are after, then chances are you will be able to find it even if you couldn’t with other file sharing services. Once you have found what you are looking for, simply download and enjoy. But before you get started, there are a few things you will need to take care of first…

giganews logoWhat You Are Going To Need

To get Usenet you have to purchase a membership from a Usenet Provider. Usually these can be purchased for around $10 p/month. Some of the more popular providers will have extras, like online storage, or special newsreaders. Here is a good list of the more popular Usenet providers:  There are a few free services, and some internet providers have servers for their customers, but the free services are often lacking, and most internet providers are dropping their newsgroup services. You will also need a newsreader, (if one doesn’t come with the service you purchase.) There are a lot of free newsreaders that work great, just find the one you like the best.

Socializing And File Sharing – Friends With Benefits

There a few other things you will need to know about Usenet before you get started. Many say that the learning curve is quite steep, but a website I found very helpful in this regard is which I had mentioned above.  They have tutorials, educational material, and reviews of the major providers and their services, all in the most non-technical and descriptive terms possible to help reduce the learning curve to a slight hill.

Do check out Usenet .. Its a bit more complicated than Bitorrent but in the end .. Its a lot safer and faster for downloads.

Is Newshosting Any Good?

newshosting 1Newshosting is one of the top providers for Usenet service according to many provider reviews, including ours. Their service is excellent, and support is always fast and friendly. Here’s a few of the more important details on them:

  • Retention – 1,214 days of binary retention.
  • Corporate Structure – U.S. based, but has servers worldwide.
  • Speeds – Because of their servers being in several places, it will depend on the server you are connected to and the proximity.
  • Free Trial – !4 days and 30 GB of downloading

Newshosting Stats

newshostting 2Newshosting has excellent retention, though not the best. Presently their binary retention is at 1,214 days. Retention is how long they will keep files on the server, and binaries are the files that don’t contain much text, like photos, and software. Retention is the one statistic that is almost constantly changing and being improved.

Newshosting speeds will depend on your proximity to their servers which are located in both the U.S. and Europe. They do have a traceroute on their website that can tell you the exact speeds between your hops.

Now we will compare Newshosting to a couple of the other premier providers.

Newshosting Vs. Giganews

giganews 1Giganews is the most popular Usenet provider for their retention. Here’s how Newshosting compares to them.

Binary Retention

  • Newshosting – 1,214 days of binary retention, years of text retention.
  • Giganews – 1,224 days of retention, also years of text retention.

Message Completion

  • Newshosting – 99% + advertised
  • Giganews – 100% advertised and guaranteed.

Usenet Downloading Speeds

  • Newshosting – As fast as your connection will allow
  • Giganews – More servers, so it is a little easier to get a closer server.

Service Prices

  • Newshosting – The XL Powerpack, (largest account,) $15.83 p/mo.
  • Giganews – The GN Diamond account, (equivalent to XL Powerpack,) $34.99 monthly.

Versus Conclusion – If funds are the issue, then Newshosting is clearly the winner here. But, when the extras given with the packages, and availability of occasional specials, it could be beneficial to wait til Giganews has a special on their access.

Newshosting Vs. UsenetServer

UNS logoOne of the older Usenet providers, and they have an excellent reputation, and a high popularity. They offer a free trial for 14 days, but there is a 10 GB limit. Here’s the versus.

Binary Retention

  • Newshosting – 1,214 days of binary retention, years of text retention.
  • UsenetServer – Also 1,214 days of retention and years of text retention.

Message Completion

  • Newshosting – 99% + completion rate.
  • UsenetServer – Also a 99% + completion rate.

Usenet Downloading Speeds

  • Newshosting – With servers located in multiple places in the U.S. and Europe, you will need to make this determination.
  • UsenetServer – Several servers placed near Tier 1 internet backbones, and again proximity determines speeds.

Service Prices

  • Newshosting – The XL Powerpack, (largest account,) $15.83 p/mo.
  • UsenetServer – Their High Speed Plus (the largest account,) plan will cost $15.98 every month.

Versus Conclusion – In this race the providers are running about neck in neck, so the true determination will be to the customer. We suggest you try out both of the 14 day trials to determine which service works best.

The Newshosting Newsreader

newshosting browserOne of the nicest things about Newshosting is its included Newshosting newsreader.

Here are a few important points about the newshosting newsreader

  • Yours, for Free! ( If you are Newshosting Subscriber)
  • Easy Setup and Easy to Use
  • Integrated Search – You don’t need a third party NZB search service
  • Automatic Repair – unrar and unpar
  • Automatic Decompression – unzip, unrar and par2
  • Video Previews – Don’t wait to download everything.
  • Automatic Updates – The news client seem to be updated quite often

In conclusion the newshosting newsreader seems like a defining feature for Newshosting and really helps to put them a step in front of UsenetServer and Giganews

Read more about Newshosting in a detailed Newshosting Review here with a video if you want learn more or take a look at some of our hubpages

If I was asked to describe the Usenet experience in a way that the average internet user could understand it, I would say, “It’s a lot like BitTorrent without all the hassle, and uncertainty.” Why hassle, and uncertainty? The hassle is that you have to seed or risk being penalized for not seeding, and the speeds leave much to be desired. The uncertainty is in the fact that privacy and security are compromised. Want to do away with the hassle and uncertainty of getting your files using torrenting? Stick around, you could learn something here. Read the rest of this entry »

parkiing meterThe parking meter was invented by Holger George Theusen and Gerald A. Hale in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The first one ever installed was placed on July 16 1935.

That fun fact I ran across the other day made me think about all the things in our lives that are metered, but mostly internet and phone time. The two meters that most affect my personal life, and if you think history doesn’t repeat itself, read on…I think you may be surprised. The actors, stage, and even directors have changed, but the story hasn’t. Read the rest of this entry »

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java logoIf you haven’t heard by now, there’s a huge security flaw in Java 7 version 10. And even after Java issued the update 11 the Department of Homeland Security warns that the update may not really work to keep hackers out after all. Using flaws in the code, hackers could gain access to a computer, enlist it in a botnet, steal sensitive identification data. This warning follows last weeks statement issued by the agency that there were possible exploits in Java 7 update 10. Read the rest of this entry »

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MEGALast year, on the 19th of January, laws enforcement agencies from the us and New Zealand raided Kim Dotcom’s residence and shuttered one of the most prolific file sharing websites in history. Since that date, Dotcom has caused the legal systems of both countries to exclaim “WTH!” So far, Dotcom has stayed out of jail, and managed to transform the wreckage that was MegaUpload into what many are calling “A Bigger, Better, Badder, Mega. He originally wanted the http to be, but the nation of Gabon seized it. He settled…Introducing the New!

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copyright_alert-DNR1-170x170If you haven’t heard, there are at least five of the biggest Internet Providers that have partnered with the entertainment industry to devise a system that would at least slow copyright infringing activities. They started the Center for Copyright Information, (CCI,) and started developing a system for the ISPs to monitor their customers, alert the CCI as to possible infringing activities, and punish offenders when necessary. And up until now, Verizon, AT&T, Comcast, Cablevision, and Time Warner, have been pretty closed mouthed about the “Mitigating Measures” they will be taking. But, a Verizon document that has been leaked to TorrentFreak gives a little more detail. Read the rest of this entry »